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Thanksgiving and Review

November 26th, 2020 at 02:50 pm

I have some quiet time to myself and thought I'd check in. I'm chugging along, keeping hope for the future and trying to do my part. 

I'm not working with my part-time, after-school-hours-job right now because it has to work around my full-time position, which is "fluid" right now due to the rise in case numbers. As long as I stay current with my certification, though, I can pick up more hours when life settles again. 

SO and I looked over my budget now that households are merged. I should be able to save almost 35% of income for the next 12 months. Which would give me a huge boost for the next life adventure in a couple years, which may include a move out of country. The trick, of course, is to keep that savings in the savings vehicle, and not withdraw for this, that, and the other. Because although I say I can save that much money, some of it will be earmarked for "save to spend later", as in a vacation eventually. I need to clearly set aside money for those "spend later" goals. Looks like I will dig into my YNAB account deeper this weekend so I can take the bulk savings and divy it among where it will actually end up being saved and spent. At least that way I will be "honest" with my spending/saving. 

My girls are doing much of the cooking today. My oldest stayed over last night (she only lives 25 minutes away anyway). I'm so glad we're friends now and survived the hellacious teen years! Now if I can get through these years with my youngest successfully... 

Wishing everyone a peaceful Thanksgiving with something to be thankful for!