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June 19th, 2020 at 10:55 pm

I’m now on summer “break” as of Tuesday. I have my part time job still. It pays more per hour than my regular job so I don’t mind working over my break. Since it is considered “essential” work I have had the option to work with health care level guidelines in place. I work around 5-6 hours a week with this job. It is helping me meet my financial goals at an accelerated pace.

I’m also helping my high school senior navigate scholarship applications. It is very confusing, as we look for let them through respected sites but some of these scholarships seem a little shady. We have found quite a few that offer “scholarships” in a random drawing per month. I guess they just want your contact info. But as long as they actually give out a scholarship each month, I’m ok with that. My daughter has a “spammy” email address just for these registrations.

Additional payment on credit card

May 8th, 2020 at 08:15 pm

My paycheck from my part-time job came in and I will transfer that to my credit card balance. This will get the credit card right under $3,000. I could pay this off in full but I also want to build my cash reserves. This card is at 0% until September. I still have no idea what the summer will look like, so I would rather have cash. I usually do some sort of summer job for extra funds and that may not be happening this year.

Besides that, nothing too exciting. I've had a couple of meetings and I am doing job paperwork all day so I can hopefully focus on teaching during the week.