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Preparing for a move

January 3rd, 2022 at 08:32 pm

Today was a snow day, so DW and I spent the late morning doing inventory for our upcoming international move. It took several hours to do this, glad we got it done with. While doing inventory I decided to do some cooking . I made tomato soup, grilled cheese, and hummus with jicama. I love using up food in the house, makes me feel good! We have to eat up our kitchen and pantry as we can't ship any food products with us. Whatever we don't use I'll bring over to my DD's place, but I don't want stuff ending up as "food clutter" for her. 

I won't have a job right away when we move to Australia, because there will be paperwork for me to complete first. I have been saving for the past year, though, so we are ready for this. 

My last day at work is Friday. With snow days, though, I will only be at work Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week. Can't say I'm disappointed about that! 

Back here again!

January 2nd, 2022 at 11:18 pm

Oh my gosh, it has been so long! I I have been busy with life but realized that I miss the habit of journaling. It really does help you stay mindful of your goals and keep you from spending without trying things through. I'll be back with a longer post when I can write from my laptop. Just wanted to say I'm glad to be back!